Cloud Set Marine Callout

5 bags for {coordinated} shopping

Each Market Set bag is made from super-strong recycled fabric, and holds the equivalent of 2 plastic bags! Shopping trips are more comfortable with our signature padded handles and the entire set stuffs easily in and out of the zippered wristlet pouch.

Made with 100% premium recycled polyester

Each bag guaranteed to hold 35lbs,

trip after trip.

•Each Bag: 20” high x 18.5″ wide x 5″ deep

•Pouch: 7″ x 6”

•Washer friendly. Quickly air dries.

EARTH DAY SALE: $24.50 (Reg $39.50)

Plum Market Set


Cloud Market Set
SALE: $24.50 (Reg. $39.50)


Onyx Market Set
SALE: $24.50 (Reg. $39.50)


Chocolate Market Set
SALE: $24.50 (Reg. $39.50)


Photography: Bryan Warakomski |