Material Choice

Since Day 1, Bag the Habit has been committed to the use of eco-textiles. We were the first company to produce a full line of reusable shopping bags using exclusively recycled or organic/sustainable fabrics. Because conventional textile production is such a hazardous industry (according to Greenpeace over 25% of the world’s chemicals are used on textile products), we hope that the use of sustainable fabrics becomes the norm, and are always testing and learning about new low-impact/high-quality materials.

Bag the Habit promises Lifetime Performance. When designing a new reusable bag, we have certified third party perform a variety of strength tests…the durability of the seams, the weight capacity, and so forth. We want to be sure our bags will perform like we’ve designed them to, and Bag the Habit will replace any product, at any time, that fails to meet these standards. Fore more information on our Lifetime Performance promise, click here.

We source raw materials from around the globe and currently have production facilities in both China and in the USA.  We use and value operating and material certifications,  but equally as important is the fact that we work hands-on down our supply chain. We visit…we talk…we spend time learning processes and getting to know people. Along with making our foundations and core relationships stronger, it is one of the most interesting parts about what we do!

Given the impact that manufacturing has on our societies and environment,
you have a right to transparency. Friendly curiosity is also welcomed!
Email with any questions about our supply chain.