It’s important to know where you want to go. This is why we operate with
a “North Star Goal’ – a light that represents the highest aspirations of a business.
Like a next-generation mission statement, A North Star Goal orients the identity
and direction of a brand, guiding all decisions, strategies, and partnerships. The
cool thing about the concept is that you are allowed to be ‘unrealistic’, to go for
something others may consider out of reach. North Star Goals are based on the
understanding that worthwhile achievement is always preceded by thinking big.

Here, we are sharing Bag the Habit’s North Star Goal with you:

To move our world out of the current disposable paradigm to a place where reusable products are woven into the everyday fabric of society, used by
everyone, everywhere.

Reusability is not just about exchanging one item for another; it is a matter of
mindset. It is replacing unnecessarily damaging patterns with those based on
wisdom and foresight. It is an awareness that our collective evolution requires
personal activism and effort, but ultimately creates greater benefits and enjoyment
for all (Bag the Habit bags for example, are both environmentally smart and more
fun and functional than plastic).

This shift in worldview is beautifully applicable to the larger, overarching areas
of our lives. We know that the cycles we participate in must be harmonious with
nature. We see that what is quick and easy rarely gives us what we need. We live
with purpose instead of without thought. By rejecting unconscious, outmoded
actions, wherever they exist, a new space is created – one that is defined by
choice. Here, we can choose to buy/build/create things that we love, and that
serve us better. If there is any way to live, this is it! And it is this kind of
North Star thinking that we, and hopefully you, will place on our future horizons.


Liz Long and Holly Tienken, Founders
Bag the Habit I Est. 2007